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Hydroelectric Facilities

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The Qaraoun Dam

Qaraoun Lake: Geographical Location: The largest artificial lake in Lebanon Located in Western Bekaa at 800 meters above sea level Established on the Qaraoun dam (Litani River) in 1959 The area of the lake is around 12 km2 The lake capacity is around 220 million m3 Qaraoun Dam or “Albert Naqash Dam “ Dam Specifications …

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Power Stations and Tunnels

Hydroelectric Supply – Power Stations and Tunnels     Geographical Locations – Power Plants   Ibrahim Abd El Al/Markaba Power Station   Geographic Location The station is located 660 m above sea level, 11 km away from the lake. It was fully constructed inside a rocky mountain and became operational in 1962. Qaraoun-Markaba Tunnel It takes …

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Power Transmission Systems

The Litani River Authority requires high tension wires to transport the produced power and transfer it via the public transportation network owned by Electricity of Lebanon. The Authority funded itself a high voltage power lines (66 kilovolt) that link between its power stations on the one hand, and link these stations to the public transmission …

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