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Executed Projects – Hydraulic – Agricultural

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Qasimiya and Ras Al Ain Irrigation Project

Qasimiya and Ras Al Ain Irrigation Project: It is considered one of the most important irrigation projects in Lebanon. It was executed in 1974.   It is divided into two main sections:   Section 1: The Qasimiya Channel Section 2: The Ras el-Ain Channel   Section 1: The Qasimiya Channel It extends over 9 km …

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Saida Jezzine Irrigation Project

Saida Jezzine Irrigation Project   Amongst the first Litani irrigation projects Partially accomplished in 1969 It extends from the the Awali River in the north to the Sineeq River in the south, crossing the outskirts of Sidon to the inferior part of the Anan Lake to the east (600 meters above sea level). It currently …

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Southern Bekaa Irrigation Project

It currently irrigates 2,000 hectares from Qaraoun Lake in the south to Jib Jenine and Kamid Al Lawz in the north. Upon completion, it will irrigate approx. 21,000 hectares.   The first phase, including hydraulic infrastructure was executed between 1998 and 2001, using state-of-the-art irrigation techniques.     The 2,000 hectares area dedicated for the …

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