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Lebaa Station

Objective of the Station

Lebaa station was established in between 2003 and 2006 to be a guidance center in the use of modern irrigation techniques and to carry out different agricultural experiments to serve farmers in the Pilot irrigation project of eastern Sidon (current) and the Canal 800 project which began recently.

It includes:

  1. An administration building and offices for the engineers
  2. A 7-hectare agricultural experiments field, divided between fruit trees and vegetables inside and outside plastic houses, equipped with an irrigation network and a house for plant production
  3. A weather observatory
  4. A Lab
    • for analyzing irrigation water and soil samples
    • for analyzing the quality of olive oil and honey


Lebaa Station – East Saida


Experimentations Area – Lebaa

:Activities of the Station

  • Applying the Integrated Pest Management Program on fruit trees
  • Introducing organic agriculture since 2008 and allocating an 18-dunam land for organic production
  • Determining water ratios for crops used in the area of the pilot irrigation project for eastern Sidon
  • Carrying out scientific experiments on RDI effect on tomato and cucumber crops.

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