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Current Phase

  • To kick off the implementation of the first phase of the South irrigation project at an altitude of 800 m above sea level, which aims at transporting no less than 110 million m3 of water to irrigate an area of 1500 hectares spread over 12 irrigation sectors located between Kalya in Bekaa and Baraachit in the far South Lebanon. It also aims to provide drinking water to 77 villages, mostly located south of the Litani River and stretching till the borders of the occupied Palestinian Territories. It was decided to award the project contract to the bidder offering the lowest rates, i.e. Al-Kharafi Group.
  • Subcontract the conduction of the feasibility and preliminary studies on the Kfar Sîr dam and its utilities to the Lebanese “Dar Al Handasah Nazih Taleb & Partners and the Moroccan NOVEC”, which will also be self-financed. This project aims to store around 15 million m3 of water in the inferior basin of the Litani River.
  • Draw up a new plan to develop the operations of the hydroelectric power plants after channeling the Litani water towards irrigation purposes, thus reducing and limiting the amount of water remaining for generating electric power. The power plants will produce electric power at peak hours (3 hours per day) and during the winter season in years of high rainfall.
  • Training on and participating in the implementation of the WEAP Program within the Litani River project which helps supporting the decision of preparing water-related strategies within the framework of integrated water management in Lebanon.

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