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Directorates and Units

Accounting Unit

  • Revenues Department
  • Expenditure Liquidation Department
  • Expenditure Commitment Department
  • Business Accounting Department

The Diwan Unit

  • Administrative Department
    • Department of Self Affairs
    • Department of Social Security
    • Registry and Archive Department
  • Materials and Maintenance Department
    • Materials Division
    • Maintenance Division
  • IT Department
  • Legal Affairs Department

Transactions Unit

Studies Unit

Water Resources Unit

  • Water Monitoring Department
  • Environment Department

Rural Provisions Department

  • Rural Provisions Department in the South
  • Rural Provisions Department in Bekaa
  • Agricultural Studies Department

Directorate of Irrigation Projects Exploitation

  • Planning and Programs Unit
    • Planning and Programs Department
    • Works Department
  • Subscribers Department
    • Contracts Department
    • Audit Department
  • Irrigation Department of the South
    • Irrigation Department of Tyre
    • Irrigation Department of Sidon
    • Irrigation Department of Lebaa
    • Irrigation Department of Bekaa

Directorate of Hydroelectric Exploitation

  • Electromechanical Production Unit
    • Department of Electromechanical Maintenance
    • Maintenance Department of Dams, Tunnels and Station Buildings
  • Arqash and Helou Stations Unit
    • Department of Boulous Arqash Station (Awali River)
    • Department of Charles Helou Station (Joon)
  • Abdul Aal Station and Qaraoun Dam Unit
    • Department of Abed El Al l Station (Markaba)
    • Maintenance Department of the Qaraoun dam and its Utilities

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