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Litani Basin and River

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The Characteristics of the Litani River

The Litani is the largest river in Lebanon in length and width, with a length reaching 170 Km and a watr capacity of 750 m3 per year. Many projects and studies were conducted to benefit from this river by producing hydroelectric power and providing drinking and irrigation water to the Bekaa, the South and the …

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Pollution Problems

Main Problems and Risks Threatening the Litani River Water   What follows are the main issues and hazards affecting the water in the Litani Basin in particular and in Lebanon in general: Anarchic exploitation and abuse of water resources Pollutants attacking water sources Anarchic Exploitation and Abuse of Water Resources This anarchic exploitation is represented …

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Important Projects

Most Important Projects Executed Along the Litani River The Litani River Authority was commissioned to carry out studies and implement projects, most importantly: The Qaraoun Dam: In the sixties, the Qaraoun Dam was constructed in the Bekaa region in the Qaraoun artificial Lake which it is the largest in Lebanon with a capacity of 220 …

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