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Pollution Problems

Main Problems and Risks Threatening the Litani River Water


What follows are the main issues and hazards affecting the water in the Litani Basin in particular and in Lebanon in general:

  1. Anarchic exploitation and abuse of water resources
  2. Pollutants attacking water sources

Anarchic Exploitation and Abuse of Water Resources

  • This anarchic exploitation is represented through the existence of thousands of groundwater wells in the basins related to the Authority; these wells consume the capacity of aquifers t through excessive exploitation of the water stored. This dangerous phenomenon harmed many springs and led to an alarming decline in the groundwater levels followed by a decline in surface water levels.
  • Due to the lack of control and the absence of the rule of law, hundreds of water pumping stations were established along the river courses and water points; these stations contributed to the disappearance of many springs and the deterioration and shrinking of many permanent rivers.

Pollutants Attacking Water Sources

Main pollutants:

  • The wastewater and wastes released from the cities and residences into the river courses.
  • Effluents and waste released by factories producing agricultural and animal products (cheese factories/ canned food/ sanitary tissues/ sugar mills/ poultry farms/ slaughterhouses…).
  • The excessive use of pesticides, fertilizers and agricultural medicines which directly contributes to increasing the levels of nitrogen and heavy metals in aquifers.



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