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Power Transmission Systems

  • The Litani River Authority requires high tension wires to transport the produced power and transfer it via the public transportation network owned by Electricity of Lebanon.
  • The Authority funded itself a high voltage power lines (66 kilovolt) that link between its power stations on the one hand, and link these stations to the public transmission system on the other hand.

Transmission Line


Awali – Kfarhim – Beiteddin (B1/B2) (66 kV)
  • Approx. 30 km long
  • It links Abd El Al power plant (Markaba) to the main switching station in Beiteddine.
Awali – Jamhour (J1 – J2) (66 kV)
  • It links Boulous Arqash station (Awali) to the main switching station in Jamhour, in preparation for linking the production of Joun to the general network.
Awali – Joun (66 kV)
  • It became operational in 1968 and links Awali power station to Joon station.


  • The Litani River Authority, in cooperation with the EDL, established a high voltage transmission system (66 kilovolt) to link the main Jamhour station with the main Bauchrieh station.
  • The high voltage transmission systems sustained severe damage due to the wars Lebanon has undergone.
  • In the past an Awali-Bauchrieh line linked Abd El Al power plant (Markaba) to the main switching station in Bauchrieh (Beirut), passing through Awali power plant. But it was transformed to Beiteddine station after the establishment of the general transmission network (220 kilovolt) and the increasing need for electric power.

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