National Authority
for the Litani River
National Authority for the Litani River

Rehabilitation of sewage networks

Rehabilitation of sewage networks and inspection rooms in South Lebanon Governorate
In order to protect the irrigation water from pollution resulting from the leakage of waste water resulting from sewage networks adjacent to the channels of irrigation projects affiliated to the Authority, the National Authority of the Litani River, in cooperation with UNDP, launched a project to remove pollution from the irrigation channel resulting from the old network, liberate the sanctuary, and ensure the functioning of equipment and machinery.
The Authority has commenced the implementation of a project to rehabilitate and replace the sewage network that passes through the campuses of the Al Qasimia and Ars Al Ain irrigation projects in the Shabriha – Al Abbasiya area. The project includes:

- Excavation, backfilling and installation of plastic pipes with a diameter of 200 mm and a length of 400 meters.
- Pouring concrete to cover and protect the pipes and 15 inspection rooms (Regar).
- Concrete rim above the canal with a length of 300 meters and asphalting works of 750 square meters.

Within the framework of cooperation between the National Authority of the Litani River and the UNDP, the authority is following up on the implementation of the project to develop a sewage network that passes in the campus of the Al-Qasimiya and Ars Al-Ain irrigation project in the Adloun region. The canal is in addition to collection tanks and pumping systems. The aim of this project is to remove pollution from the irrigation canal resulting from the Arsh neighborhood within the town of Adloun.